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Tabletop Roleplaying
Campaign Setting

A world of deep history, and hidden mystery

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Creative Fiction

#WPW ~ The Last of My Kind

This week's post is a bit different to the others I've written, but that's kind of the point of #WritingPromptWednesday, to break up the style and to challenge myself to new and different expressions of creativity.  The prompt for this week is: Visit a location of...

The Unforgetting: Anoumond Introductions

The stench of fish and sea hung in the air; and not the good kind. At Lygon Stormborn’s home in the Muzuban Isles, the breeze carried the ocean spray in and across the villages sprawled across the landscape. The breeze was rejuvenating, the seafood was fresh, and the...

#WPW ~ The Infected

Another Wednesday, another writing prompt. This week's prompt again has come through Reedsy's regular email list, which was a series of photos this time around. I've been wanting to play with a photo prompt since beginning this project, to be honest, so when this...