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#WPW ~ The Infected

Another Wednesday, another writing prompt. This week’s prompt again has come through Reedsy’s regular email list, which was a series of photos this time around. I’ve been wanting to play with a photo prompt since beginning this project, to be honest, so when this particular image grabbed my attention, I jumped on the chance.

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Start Blogging for Business in 2019

I still find it somewhat astonishing that, even in 2019, blogging for business purposes is still so underused and under-appreciated; especially when the research shows how valuable it is to building website traffic. The statistics themselves don’t lie, and I’ve noted some of them on my own content marketing page, but as we go into 2018, blogging is one aspect of content marketing that’s not going anywhere.

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2019 Reading Challenge

A few years ago I first discovered PopSugar’s reading challenge list. At the commencement of each new year, the website puts out a list of topics, themes and categories to challenge yourself in reading throughout the course of the year to come. I’ve found it a great way to be exposed to new genres, authors, and styles of writing, and so as we enter 2019, it’s time to set the list out again.

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#WPW ~ January 0

In October, I started up the idea of #WritingPromptWednesday. The concept was to, once a week, just take a random writing prompt or idea and do a short story or flash fiction piece based on that prompt. The idea here isn’t to be great, or overly polished, but rather it’s to just let the creative juices flow on something without pressure. 

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