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Category: Fiction

#WPW ~ The Infected

Another Wednesday, another writing prompt. This week’s prompt again has come through Reedsy’s regular email list, which was a series of photos this time around. I’ve been wanting to play with a photo prompt since beginning this project, to be honest, so when this particular image grabbed my attention, I jumped on the chance.

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#WPW ~ January 0

In October, I started up the idea of #WritingPromptWednesday. The concept was to, once a week, just take a random writing prompt or idea and do a short story or flash fiction piece based on that prompt. The idea here isn’t to be great, or overly polished, but rather it’s to just let the creative juices flow on something without pressure. 

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A Bard’s Tale ~ Critical Role

Critical Role is probably, arguably, the most well known Dungeons and Dragons game in the world, if it’s not, it’s very high up there. A group of “nerdy-ass voice actors,” get together each week to play D&D while the rest of us “Critters” get to share in their adventures vicariously. In a recent episode, it turned out that Cadence (my bard character) was watching over my shoulder, and she put this together. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

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Silhouette ~ #WPW

It’s time for another #WritingPromptWednesday, and this time, I’ve decided on something slightly different. It could be considered, maybe, cheating to use my own creations as a writing prompt, but it’s been that kind of week – and to be fair, this particular story doesn’t actually have anything really to do with the inspiration behind the prompt itself.

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